In order to keep yourself updated with news from Binance, new releases, or campaigns from Zignaly, here are the tools and locations where you can find the needed information! 🤓

In this article:

Help Center

In order to understand our features, you can look for the Help Center at the top of your screen:

With a great collection of instructional articles, it is possible to answer any of your questions about Zignaly! 😁

Discord Community

In case you are looking for an active community to join, our Discord is the place for you! 😉

You can also find the link at the top of your page:

After joining, you can find the groups that you would like to follow, such as news-updates and binance-announcements!

Here you can receive daily announcements from Binance, so you can follow up and be aware of the trading rules and listed coins on Zignaly! As well, we always have games and events with fabulous prizes! 🎁 🤑

Medium / Telegram / Twitter

In addition to all the channels above, you can find more information on Vaults, ZIGPad, ZIGBids, and Staking Rewards from the links below!

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