FAQ’s for Investors

Frequently asked questions for Investors!

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips. If your questions are not answered here and you still need help, feel free to contact support!

What is Profit Sharing or PS2?

Profit-Sharing is an automated investment solution that allows you to safely transfer your funds to be professionally managed by expert traders.

Profit Sharing Key Features:

  • Shared success - Users will only pay a success fee if the trader generates profits. This creates a strong incentive for profit-sharing managers to achieve positive results with high-quality strategies.

  • No minimum investment

  • Expert traders manage your funds and must invest their own funds within the service.

  • Options to reinvest or withdraw your profits

Why do I see my balance on a coin, but I cannot deposit it?

If you have a coin balance from earlier trades, you may withdraw or convert it but not deposit more. This is because we would like to focus only on the coins that can be used to follow PS2 services.

What is the minimum allocation in a service?

You may invest any amount, as no minimum transfer amount is required!

Where do I see my profits?

There are a few steps you can follow to check your profits and losses. Click on the 'My Account' Icon on the top right corner of the screen, then click 'Dashboard'.

You can check the daily average, monthly average, and more from the dashboard page!

How do I invest in the service?

Start by clicking the 'INVEST' button next to the service's name. Select the amount to invest, your profit settings, and finally agree with the terms!

How to select and review service performance?

You can easily examine a services long-term statistics by clicking on the service name. Examine their profile page thoroughly to understand their plan and strategy.

You will be able to view the services success fees, trading history, profile description, amount of users connected and more!

How often do I have to pay a success fee?

To understand profit-sharing success fees and when they are due, please review the article in the link below: 'Success Fees & High Watermark (HWM)'

What happens to my profits if I select Withdraw 100%?

100% Withdraw means that when you earn any profits from the service, it will be withdrawn to your account. Your allocation fund will stay the same, and nothing will be put back into the service.

Are my success fees considered a profit?

You should only pay SF when there are profits from your investment. The SF will be automatically taken from the profits you have received.

Do I participate in profits/losses while im waiting to be disconnected?

When you request to withdraw, you will continue to receive profits/losses from the service until you are successfully disconnected.

Where can I see the positions opened by the trader I follow?

There are no positions available on PS 2.0. You can see how well the traders are doing by looking at your portfolio or the service profile chart.

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