What is Profit Sharing?

Information on the Zignaly Profit Sharing model!

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Profit Sharing is an automated investment solution (similar to PAMM accounts). It allows you to safely transfer your funds to be professionally managed by expert traders.

Profit Sharing model

Promotes profit generating

Fund managers must put their money into the service. It creates a strong incentive for Profit Sharing managers to achieve positive results.

Furthermore, when the lowest balance in 3 days reaches a new high, we create a new High Watermark. That is also when investors have to pay Success Fees for the traders.

Reinvest and Withdraw percentage

Profit Sharing investors can choose how much to reinvest or withdraw their profits.

They can set the Reinvest percentage as 40% and the Withdraw percentage as 60%. So when the profit is $100, the system will refund $60 to their balance and add $40 to the investment.

Free Withdrawal

You can withdraw from 0 to 100% of your funds. This option has no penalty fee, but it can take some time until the service manager releases your funds.

❗We cover the fundamentals of Profit Sharing in the following article:

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