Security of Profit Sharing

An introduction to the security of PS2!

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Profit Sharing is our top automated trading method, but how secure is it? This is a very legitimate question to ask before investing any capital.

Let's review a few key points of Profit Sharing & the layer of protection behind it.

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Requires a Zignaly Exchange Account

After signing up for Zignaly, an exchange account is automatically created! To find it, you simply need to head over to your ‘Balances’ tab. For more information about Zignaly Exchange accounts, click here: What Is a Zignaly Exchange Account?

When you deposit into your Zignaly Exchange Account, it is actually a Binance account. This is because Zignaly has teamed up with Binance as a part of their Binance Broker Partner Program.

After you deposit, your funds are in Binance and covered by their SAFU. The only difference is that you manage your assets directly from Zignaly!

To learn more about our important security measures, check out this article:

Funds are pooled into a separate account

Profit Sharing differs from any Copy Trading option.

Instead of your account opening trades seconds after the Copytrader, the Fund Managers and Investors become one. This ensures the perfect execution of the trading strategy from entry to exit.

Your funds are being pooled into a separate account along with the balance of the other investors. It then creates a base position allowing identical results for everyone participating!

You can view your allocated balance and personal accounting for this Profit Sharing service on the Marketplace.

Can the Fund Manager take my funds if it is a single pool with all the capital?

The safety of our users is the top priority. The Fund Manager only has trading permissions, and cannot touch the funds for other reasons. Thus, the funds are completely safe!

Trading management

The Fund Managers do not have access to the pooled account. They only have trading management over these coins.

This allows the service provider to manage the entire allocation to fit their specific strategy.

If you want to withdraw a part or all of your investment from a service, you have the option: You can remove from 0 to 100% of your funds. It can take some time until the service manager releases your funds.

What if the Fund Manager stops the service?

A Fund Manager can stop their service whenever they would like. You will get a notification requesting all Investors to start the withdrawal process.

We have implemented new rules to filter out gamblers, scammers, and poorly performed traders. This will stop traders from hiding any bad results and from opening new services.


  • There are many different types of trading strategies available on Zignaly. Ensure you understand the service you are connecting to and the risk involved.

  • Please note that past performance is not an indicator of future results.

  • Feel free to reach out to service providers if you have any questions before investing.

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