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What Is a Zignaly Exchange Account?
What Is a Zignaly Exchange Account?
Details on what a Zignaly exchange account is, where to find it and transferring funds!
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In this article we will go over what a Zignaly exchange account is, where to find it and how to deposit/withdraw!

In this article:

What is a Zignaly Exchange account?

When you deposit into your Zignaly Exchange Account, it is actually a Binance account. This is because Zignaly has teamed up with Binance as a part of their Binance Broker Partner Program.

After you deposit, your funds are in Binance and covered by their SAFU. The only difference is that you manage your assets directly from Zignaly!

To learn more about our important security measures, check out this article:

Where to Find It?

After signing up for Zignaly, an exchange account is automatically created! To find it, you simply need to head over to your ‘Balances’ tab.

Here you will be able to find a list of your coins as well as deposit/withdrawal information!

How to Deposit/Withdraw?

After you are on your ‘Balances’ tab, you can easily create deposits and withdrawals by clicking on the plus and minus symbols!

For more info on how to deposit funds into your exchange, please visit this link:

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