Staking within the Zignaly Vault

Zignaly offers rewards on its native ZIG coin as well as exciting offers from its partnerships distributed from staking pools, directly in the Ziganly vault.

The Zignaly Vault is a reliable, safe way to stake your idle crypto assets and earn high interest with no lockup period.

Staking Benefits
    • Earn high interest with competitive rates
    • Earn passive income on idle assets
    • Daily rewards & daily compounding
    • No fees or lockup period
    • Rewards start automatically
    • Your funds are always available for withdrawal

In this Article:

How does it work?

To get started, you only need to make a qualifying ZIG coin deposit and you will automatically start receiving rewards! In order to purchase and deposit Zig coins, this article can clarify clear steps for you Deposit ZIG coins


Type of staking rewards

There are two types of rewards; Staking rewards & Partner Rewards.

Staking rewards Partner rewards
Zignaly allocates a certain amount of ZIG to the pool every week, this is distributed to ZIG holders inside the Zignaly platform, on a weekly average holding basis. Users only need to hold a minimum of 10 ZIG to be eligible for this allocation.


  • You must maintain a specified minimum amount of ZIG coin in your ZIG wallet. Locked funds (for example ZIG Coins from referral rewards) would not count towards this
  • The wallet snapshot will be taken daily at a random time.
  • Rewards are calculated based on a snapshot of your balance taken 30 days prior
  • View the terms within the vault to see distribution start dates /end dates.
  • You will see the rewarded ZIG coin added to your total ZIG wallet balance (also under 'Wallet Transactions')


From your ZIG wallet, select 'All Vault offers' to view the current staking pools:


Within the list of 'Active Vault Offers' click on terms to see the full details of each staking pool.





Here you will see the minimum balance of ZIG coins required to keep in your ZIG wallet.

As well as, the pool start date.
This indicates when the snapshot of your balance will begin.





Also specified are the total rewards, distribution dates,
and the frequency that the rewards will be transferred into your ZIG wallet.

In case you cannot find your rewards as expected, you can refer to this article for further understanding
of how this works: Why am I not receiving Staking Rewards? 


Reward withdrawal & Flat fees

ZIG coin utilities also include our flat-rate network fee on withdrawals!

When you proceed to withdraw your staking pool rewards, your ZIG coins will cover the network withdrawal fees.

 click image to expand

The flat fees for each of the networks are:

  • BSC -> 15 ZIGs
  • ERC-20 -> 500 ZIGs
  • Polygon -> 5 ZIGs

This rate is applied to any amount that you withdraw.


For example, if you withdraw 100 ZIGs in BSC network, you will receive 85 ZIGs But if you withdraw 10 BUSD using the BSC network, you will still receive 10 BUSD and 15 ZIGs will be deducted from your ZIG coin balance.


✨Happy Staking with ZIG coins!✨

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