Deposit ZIG Coins into your Zignaly Wallet

The Zignaly wallet plays an essential role when it comes to enabling new ZIG coin utilities.
The first step is to deposit your ZIG coins directly into your Zignaly Wallet.

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Where to purchase ZIG Coins

To learn all about the ZIG token, please visit Zignaly Coin (ZIG)

Currently, you can purchase ZIG coins from these exchanges: AscendEX, MEXC Global, or
You will need a balance of USDT. Then select the ZIG/USDT market to purchase ZIG coins.

When withdrawing your ZIG coins from AscendEX, MEXC Global, and, the network options are  blobid0.dat BEP20 (BSC) or blobid2.datERC20. 


Deposit Zig coins into your Zignaly wallet

Once you have purchased ZIG coins from Ascendex or MEXC you can deposit your ZIG coins directly into your Zignaly Wallet to start benefiting from its rewards!

Video Tutorial:

Steps to deposit ZIG coins into your Zignaly wallet:

Withdraw ZIG coins from AscendEX Withdraw ZIG coins from MEXC Global Withdraw ZIG coins from
1. Select your Zig Wallet in the top right corner

2. Click on Deposit

3. Selected the preferred network for this coin. This will generate an address for your ZIG coins only!

Next, open a new tab and log into the AscendEX exchange
(Best to keep both tabs open)

4. Select 'Crypto Assets' then 'Withdraw'
5. Enter ZIG in the token selection

6. Select the correct network, as you have on Zignaly
7. Paste the ZIG coin address -that you have copied from Zignaly- into the address section

Double-check that the address & Network correspond

8. Confirm this transfer


On the exchange, you can view the status of the transaction under the withdrawal history list, or, refresh your Zignaly page to see the status of your deposit under 'Wallet Transactions'. *You may need to wait a minute or two.



Once completed, your total ZIG balance will be displayed in your wallet. 


Next step, start benefiting from its rewards!!

Use ZIG coins to pay the Success Fee

The success fee discount lets Zignaly users enjoy a discount of 6% when paying success fees under our flagship Profit Sharing service. All you have to do is maintain a minimum ZIG balance in your Zignaly wallet, and enable “Pay Success Fee with ZIG” under the ‘Rewards & Savings’ section of the wallet. 😎

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