3. Fund Wallet with ZIG, ETH, and BNB

To use the Zignaly Bridge, your MetaMask wallet must be funded with ZIG tokens plus enough ETH and BNB tokens to cover the transaction fees.


Fund MetaMask Wallet with ZIG

1. Purchase ZIG tokens: If you don't have any ZIG tokens, they are available for purchase on the following exchanges:

  • AscendEX — Click here
  • MEXC — Click here

2. Send ZIG to MetaMask wallet: Once you have ZIG tokens, you can send them to your MetaMask wallet address. The address is located under the account name in your wallet. You can click anywhere on the account name or address to copy it to your clipboard. 


3. Add ZIG custom tokens to MetaMask: If you haven't already added the custom ZIG tokens to your wallet, you can do so here: Add Custom ZIG tokens to MetaMask.


Fund MetaMask Wallet with ETH

If you need to buy ETH, you can buy it directly in MetaMask with a debit card.


Alternatively, you can buy ETH on nearly any crypto exchange and transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.


Fund MetaMask Wallet with BNB

To obtain BNB, you can buy it on an exchange such as Binance or through a service such as Changelly, and then transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.


Once your wallet is funded with ZIG, ETH, and BNB, you are ready to use the ZIG token bridge!

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