FAQs: ZIG Token Bridge

These are some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips for the ZIG token bridge. If your question is not answered here and you still need help, please consult our other help documents or contact support.


What is the ZIG Bridge?

The ZIG bridge allows you to convert ZIG tokens so they can be used on another network. Native ZIG tokens are only compatible with the Ethereum network. They can't be directly sent or used on another network such as Binance Smart Chain without first being converted using a bridge. The ZIG bridge converts ZIG tokens from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain and vice versa.


What are the benefits of moving my ZIG to Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain has a few inherent advantages over the Ethereum network. One of the main advantages is remarkably lower gas fees, which makes transactions and operations efficient to an unparalleled level. Binance Smart Chain offers a vast ecosystem of infinite yield farming, staking, and liquidity mining opportunities, allowing you to maximize the returns on your idle assets. Low fees means you can easily move assets to where the highest yields are, as well as compound more often, resulting in a more nimble and lucrative investment strategy. To migrate your ZIG to BSC, just use the ZIG Token Bridge.


Where can I buy ZIG tokens?

For information on where to buy ZIG tokens and how to fund your wallet, please refer to the article Funding Wallet with ZIG, ETH, and BNB.


How do I switch the direction of the bridge?

The network you are connected to in your MetaMask determines the direction of the bridge. To transfer ZIG from Ethereum > Binance Smart Chain, your MetaMask must be on the Ethereum network. To transfer ZIG from Binance Smart Chain > Ethereum, you must switch your MetaMask network to Binance Smart Chain. To switch networks, simply click the network menu in MetaMask:



My transaction is pending forever, what should I do?

If your transaction is taking too long try these troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure there are no pending dialogs in MetaMask. If there are, open MetaMask and respond to them.


2. Increase the gas fee: Open MetaMask and under 'Activity' you'll see your pending transaction. Click 'Speed Up' and increase the gas fee. For ETH transactions, you can see the current gas fees here.


3. Cancel the transaction: If it's still taking too long, you can cancel the transaction and retry it after it's cancelled. Open MetaMask and under 'Activity' you'll see your pending transaction. Click 'Cancel'. Note: cancellations require a small fee.


I can't find any ZIG in my wallet. Where are my ZIG tokens?

If you have recently sent ZIG to your wallet but don't see a balance, make sure you have added the ZIG token to your MetaMask in both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Please read the article Add ZIG Custom Tokens to MetaMask.


Binance Smart Chain network is not in my MetaMask. What should I do?

Binance Smart Chain network isn't in MetaMask by default, and must be added manually. Please follow Step 2 in this article: Add Binance Smart Chain custom RPC network.


I don't have enough ETH or BNB in MetaMask for the fees. What should I do?

To use the Zignaly Bridge, your must fund your MetaMask wallet with enough ETH and BNB tokens to cover the transaction fees. If you need to buy ETH, you can buy it directly in MetaMask with a debit card.


For BNB, you can buy it on an exchange such as Binance or a service such as Changelly, and then transfer it to your MetaMask wallet.


How do I switch the network in MetaMask?

To switch to Ethereum Mainnet network in MetaMask, click the network dropdown menu in MetaMask and select 'Ethereum Mainnet':



To switch to BSC network in MetaMask, click the network dropdown menu in MetaMask and select 'Binance Smart Chain':


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