Soft Disconnection


When you deposit funds into a Profit Sharing service, your funds leave your account and are deposited into a common fund that is specifically assigned to the Profit Sharing service. The funds remain safe, as explained in detail in this article

This implies that the trader manages all the capital in this common fund as if it were a single account. Opening a single position. In the case of futures accounts, the capital not used in the positions acts as Margin and is the collateral asset of the leverage used in each position. This means that your funds could be lost in their entirety even if you are not yet participating in any trade if the account gets liquidated. In this article, you will find more information about liquidations and margins.

This only affects strategies that use leverage, and that at the time you connect to the service have committed positions with high drawdown levels.

Remember that Zignaly allows you to see the positions that each trader has opened, so you can analyze before connecting to the service if it is convenient for you to do it at that moment or wait.

In Profit Sharing the positions are not replicated and therefore the users have the same results as the trader, thanks to the fact that there is only one common fund where all the capital is stored. The trader opens a single position, both with his own capital and that of the users that follow him. Therefore, the same user cannot disconnect from the service if there are still open positions, since he is part of that position.

The only way for your funds to be released is for the positions that are open to being closed for all followers of this strategy equally.

Zignaly is a marketplace that connects traders with users, it does not own any of the strategies on the platform. Each trader has his own analysis of the market and manages the balance as he sees fit. Each user must study and analyze which service best suits his preferences.

Zignaly would only intervene and manually close all open positions if something happens to the trader (e.g. an accident, etc.) and he/she could not continue trading, therefore releasing the users' funds. In this case, we will contact all users involved in this strategy to clarify the situation and explain what happened.

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