Pooled account


Our Profit Sharing service works with a single position for all users. It means both for the trader who manages the strategy and for the users who follow it own the same positions.

This is only possible when all the funds are pooled into 1 service account and the trader will manage them. Thus, when you connect to a Profit-sharing service, your allocated funds will be in the service. You will find the funds and accounting in your Analytics tab.

When the trader opens a position with 1% of the capital, it takes 1% of the entire pool. This helps each user to use 1% of their funds regardless of the amount

This allows followers to have open positions under Binance min trading rules.


If it is a single pool with all the capital, can't the trader take my funds?

The safety of our users is our top priority, so it was what we had solved first. A profit-sharing main service account is a sub-account. The trader only has trading permissions, he cannot touch the funds for other reasons. Therefore, the funds are completely safe. 

💡 Read more about this on Security of Zignaly.

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