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New to Zignaly? Get familiar with the Zignaly user interface by viewing how to manage your account settings,
views from your dashboard, searching our marketplace, to using the trading terminal 😉

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Dashboard: Account and Exchange Accounts

How to view different exchange accounts.

Zignaly exchange account is the one with the logo of Zignaly and you can use it as a normal account on a trading platform with deposit and withdrawal features. Meanwhile, API-connected exchange accounts have logos of other platforms and you cannot deposit or withdraw from Zignaly. 


My Exchange Accounts: Exchange Account settings 




You should click on Free (USDT) to view the real available amount you have. Or you can see it in the Coins option



If you want to check the detailed information of your positions, such as Takeprofit price and Stoploss, you can click on the EYE icon in Action.   


To find positions that are not opened, you should check on the Error log and click on the status for further explanation. 



To look for Profit-sharing services, you choose the second option on your left sidebar. The filter can also help to look for your own services. You can only copy a Profit-sharing service by a Zignaly exchange account. 


Profit-sharing connection process: your fund will be pooled into the main account and you can check in the Analytics. 




Copy-trading services will be in the 3rd place. It has an Analytics tab to compare the services.  


This is how you connect to a Copy-trading service. Your fund will still be in your Balance (unlike Profit-sharing). 


Analytics copy-trading: It looks a bit different because you check your profits and losses accounting directly from your Balance. 


Signal Providers

Signal Provider connection requires you to fill in the Settings and save it to be able to take signals for opening positions. 

The most important setting is positionsize. If you do not key in it, it will show a red dot next to the word Settings and you will not be able to get any positions. 


Analytics of Signal Provider looks like Copy-trading analytics. It is because when you copy a Signal Provider, your fund is still in your Balance and you check your accounting at your Balance.  


Trading Terminal

If you'd like to trade manually, you can check on our Trading Terminal.  It will give you options to open and close a position according to your strategy. 



We hope this article can give you an overview of how to use Zignaly. 

This is a full video of Explore Zignaly for you: 

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