Can I trade directly on the exchange and see the trades on Zignaly?

Can I trade directly on the exchange and see the trades on Zignaly?


No, you cannot. Our API works only 1 way, from Zignaly to your exchange. When a signal is sent to the exchange, it reads that information and responds by executing the order required by the platform.

This is why users cannot trade or make changes directly on the exchange and view that information on Zignaly.

To operate through the platform users must use the Trading Terminal. Providers have the option also to send signals by Email, API, or Trading View.

Manual Trading
Users can trade by themself using the Trading Terminal, or they can follow an expert trader.

Trading from a service provider
Traders must connect to the service they have created by clicking on "Copy This Trader" and assign capital.




Once connected to the provider, the selection "Copytrader providers" and its options can be viewed in the Trading Terminal.
Select your provider name to open positions through your service, & have these trades replicated.
Or Manual Trading can be selected so that the operation is only for the user.




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