How to purchase a subscription using Coinpayments


Purchasing a subscription using CoinPayments

To purchase a monthly subscription to a selected service, (Copytrader or Signal Provider)
you will need to use a 3rd party service "CoinPayments'

First, Be sure you have connected to the service as indicated in these guides: 
How to connect to a Copytrader / How to Follow a Signal Provider


Once connected, Select "Pay Using Coinpayments" from the services profile page:


You will be redirected to the third-party provider "Coinpayments' website.
Here you can review the fee per month and accepted mode of payments.

Fulfill your information and enter the email address used for your Zignaly Account.

Next, Select the coin in which you will make the payment.
*Remember that you need to have that coin in your designated wallet to make the transfer.


Click 'Complete Checkout'.
Copy the wallet address, you will need to send your funds here.
Enter this address in your previously established wallet.


Send the amount indicated and make sure to send enough to cover any transaction fees.
The confirmation process usually takes 10-45 minutes but varies based on the coin's target block time and the number of block confirmations required.

Once your payment is accepted, your monthly subscription period will be updated on Zignaly.

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