How to use the Clone feature?

What is the 'Clone' feature?

The Clone feature makes a copy of an automated trading service that allows you to connect to the service with more than one Exchange Account.

Another use is the ability to apply different settings when cloning a Signal Provider.

How to clone a service?

Once you are connected successfully to a Signal Provider or Copytrader,
scroll to the bottom of their profile page and select 'Clone this Trader'.
If you do not see this, the service provider has opted out of this option.
A clone of this service will now be created.
Connect to the clone by selecting an exchange account at the top right corner,
then click copy/follow this trader.

You can also edit the name of the service by selecting the pencil icon.



To Note
          • The original service has to be enabled in order for the clone to work. When the service has a monthly subscription price, the original service subscription status must be active.
          • It is not public, you are the only one that can view it.
          • Service providers have the option to disable the clone feature for their service.
          • To delete the Clone, first, stop Copying the Trader. The delete button will then appear at the bottom of the profile page.
          • This feature does NOT support Profit-Sharing services.
            Users can connect to PS services directly from any Zignaly exchange account.


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