What is Profit-Sharing?

What is Profit-Sharing?

Profit-Sharing is our top method of automated trading that allows you to copy expert traders & receive 100% identical results.
The Profit-Sharing method has benefits over regular copy-trading, in which you will only pay a success fee when you have reached new profitable highs on these positions.



Compare standard Copytrading & the Profit-Sharing model

Standard Copytrading Profit-Sharing Model
Monthly subscriptions Profits of the positions will be divided between the Investors (you), the profit-sharing service provider & Zignaly, with the success fee.

If the trader's success fee rate is 15%, the trader receives  10%, Zignaly receives 5% & you will receive 85%

*The success fees are only taken once a new trade is closed reaching a new profit high

With the profit-sharing model, you would only pay an amount based on % gains when profits are made, while you wouldn't pay any % if no profits are made or losses occur.

Positions open for the Copytrader provider first and the connected users directly after.

We work in percentages, if the entry price is slightly different, when we place the take profit (or stop loss), based on percentage, the exit target may end up being slightly different.

Keep in mind, if using low volume pairs or low sats price pairs, having a provider doing a market buy could create slippage.

Identical results
Instead of replicating the positions of a Copytrader into your account,
this method creates a base position, with the allocated balance of all the participants combined.

This gives the trader and the user IDENTICAL RESULTS, as there is no difference in the entry price, dcas, stop loss, and exit prices, the % of profit is the same for all participants.

Options to connect with supported exchanges & Zignaly Exchange accounts

Must connect with a Zignaly Exchange Account (Futures or Spot)

Option to disconnect leaving open positions to continue until an exit signal is provided from the Copytrader.

Option to cancel open positions ending the Copytraders management over these coins,
from here you must manually manage the remaining coins.
Soft Disconnection:
Currently, in the profit-sharing system, you can not disconnect immediately from a provider.

When you disconnect, no new positions will open but it requires you to wait until all the current open positions that you are participating have been closed.

The balance will remain locked during this time.

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