Connect to a Profit-Sharing Service



Connect to a Profit-Sharing Service

  1. Create a Zignaly Exchange Account
  2. Fund your Account
  3. Connect to a Profit-Sharing Service


1.Create your Zignaly Exchange Account

If you haven't already, you will need to create a Zignaly exchange account in order to connect to a Profit-Sharing service, In just a few clicks and your account will be created:

  • Click on the Connect Account button,
  Or go to ‘My exchange account’ by selecting the user Icon at the top-right of your screen.  
  • Next select which Type of account, Spot for a regular trading account or Futures trading
  Name your account, select Done.

2. Add funds to your account


There are two ways to fund your Zignaly Exchange Account; by sending your funds from an exchange
or crypto wallet or Purchasing Crypto through Changelly (third party provider)

To send your funds from your current exchange or crypto wallet, select My Echange Account
then click on the Deposit button.

  1. Select the coin you wish to deposit to Zignaly.

  2. Make sure you have the correct network selected for this coin.
    This will generate an address for you for this specific coin,
    It will be your personal address to deposit any of these coins
    (ex. ETH) into your Zignaly exchange account.


3. Proceed to your previously established wallet or exchange account.
    Follow their guidelines to withdraw your coin.
    Enter your generated Zignaly address for this coin and network into
    their 'send to' specifications.

Now you are ready to connect to a Profit-Sharing service & start trading!

First, let's review the basics of Profit-Sharing:

  What is Profit-Sharing? Profit-Sharing is our best method of automated trading that allows you to copy expert traders & receive 100% identical results.
The Profit-Sharing method has benefits over regular copy- trading,
in which you will only pay a success fee when you have reached new profitable highs on these positions.
  Tips when choosing a Profit-Sharing Service
  • Look at long term statistics, a trader that has shown continuous results.
  • How informative are they on their trader profile page, do they provide details of their strategy, why it succeeds, what drawdown is to be expected
  • Have they provided updates on their Zignaly 'feed' section or have an active community (discord, telegram)
  • Does this strategy fit with what you are looking for, some prefer more conservative strategies, and others are more open to high risk/reward strategy.
  💡 Before connecting to a Profit-Sharing service, please be sure to review:
Understanding Profit Sharing

3. Connect to a Profit-Sharing Service


1. Take a look at the Profit-Sharing marketplace to view all available Profit-Sharing Services (from the left side-bar menu)

Choose a Profit-Sharing trader.
On the trader box, you will see the trader's success fee, if they are trading Spot or futures & previous return results.

*Previous results do not guarantee future performance

Click VIEW TRADER to open their profile page.


2. In the top right corner of the screen,
select your correct Zignaly Exchange Account


  3. Next select ‘Copy this Trader’ 

4. Allocate your funds Enter the amount you wish to allocate from your balance
   *This amount will be locked into the profit-sharing service


Be sure that your Zignaly exchange account has the funds needed to cover this allocated amount

Choose if you would like to Withdraw or Reinvest the profits.
(losses are always "reinvested")
Reinvest this into your allocated amount OR Withdraw this amount from this Copytrading service back into your Zignaly exchange as available funds

Type 'Transfer' to confirm your understanding that this amount will be locked into this Copytrading service.


Select ‘Transfer Funds’ 

  That's it! Just wait for the next position to be opened from your Profit-Sharing trader 😉
New positions will appear on your dashboard
Select 'Analytics' to view your accounting details

*Recommended Video:
  Profit-Sharing Analytics



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