How to reset your 2FA

How to reset your 2FA

First, if you are receiving errors when entering your 2 factor Authentication
please review a few reasons why this may occur:

  • If you have enabled authentication for Zignaly on any other device, (phone or pc)?
    This could override the previous set up.
  • Have you changed your time settings on your device, the authentication is using
    your system clock, you might need to set this back to your previous settings.


In order to disable then reset your 2FA please follow these steps:

  1.  Log in to your account.

  3. The security verification that follows will request the API-Key of a connected
    exchange account on Zignaly,
    To proceed, Choose YES and SEND RESET LINK.


​4. You should receive an email from Zignaly,
the link in your email and key in your API keys, your 2FA will then be disabled.

*If you cannot provide the API keys or do not have any connected exchanges,
  send us an email at: containing:

  • A picture of yourself holding your ID and a note “Zignaly 2FA disable mm/dd/yyy”
  • A clear picture of your ID.





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