Connect your VCCE Account

In order to connect account to Zignaly you need to create API keys.
Please follow these steps:

  1. Open your VCCE account and select the User Icon then go to 'My Account'
  2. Scroll down to 'Create API Key' 
  3. You may need to enable & enter the 2fa Authenticator code
  4. Once entered, you'll see the new API keys & Secret
Save them in a safe place because once you leave the VCCE website, the secret key will not be shown anymore.

Example of created API keys in


Important: You don’t need to give Withdrawal permission, in fact, for security purposes we encourage you to leave this disabled.

Next, connect your Binance API keys on Zignaly (best to keep both tabs open)
Go to My Exchange Accounts in the user menu at the top-right of the page.

Select ‘Connect Existing Exchange Account’

Fill in the following:

  • Choose Exchange: VCCE
  • Enter a custom name for this account
  • Type: SPOT
  • Enter Account API key
  • Enter Account API secret


Click Connect Exchange.

You are now ready to start trading!

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