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Profit-Sharing service accounts are only recommended for expert traders.

Please review Profit-Sharing Information to be sure to understand this concept before continuing. 

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Create a Zignaly Profit-sharing service

Once you are logged into your Zignaly account, select Profit-Sharing on the left sidebar menu.

Then click  'Offer Your Profit-Sharing Service':


            1. The profit-sharing method must be connected with a Zignaly Exchange account,
              *If you do not have one you will need to create and fund this account:
              Create a Zignaly Exchange Account

              The profit-sharing is available for Spot or Futures trading Select Spot or Futures trading

            2. Select the Quote (USDT for futures trading)
            3. Next Step: Enter your Service Name & Profit Sharing Percentage:
                 Set the profit-sharing % (or success fee) that you will charge the user for
                 this service.
                 Please note: 5% of this is discounted and will go to Zignaly.
                 For example, if you charge a 20% success fee, Zignaly will deduct 5%,
                 giving you 15% & leaving the remaining 80 % to your connected copiers.


Connect to your own service

After creating your account, your profile page will open. Be sure your correct Zignaly exchange account is selected
(in the top right corner), you will need available balance to allocate to your service,
Connect to your profit-sharing service by clicking ‘Copy This Trader’

If you have reverted away from your Profit-Sharing service page, just navigate to the profit-sharing marketplace.
Use the filter icon to select 'User Owned' accounts

Start trading

Different ways to trade through your service:

Through Signals
Learn how to send signals to Zignaly: 
Guide to Sending Signals
Signal Parameters

From the Trading Terminal

Be sure to select your copytrader/ profit-sharing service in the trading terminal.
This way your manual trades will be performed through your profit-sharing service.

Or a mix of signals and manual.


Edit your profile

Before being listed in the marketplace, or if you just want to adjust how your service account looks, you can use the edit page and update your information.

            • About Us: (optional) Introduce yourself, let the public know a bit of information you may wish to share, ex. When did you begin trading, achievements as a trader, a reason to create a service for the public. Try to be detailed to create trust, which, as important as your results, will be what moves users to follow you.
            • Strategy: Explain your strategy; examples; why it succeeds? the risk involved, drawdown levels, what should your follower expect?
            • Who Are We: (optional, but recommended) add your name and where you are located.
            • Find Us Here: select any of the options and add the corresponding URL to allow the public to reach out to you to receive more information. At least one channel is required when being listed in the marketplace.
            • Upload a logo: This is required when being listed in the marketplace.
            • Website: If you have a website for more information regarding your trading profile or services, you may add it here, It will be displayed publicly on your Copytrader profile.
            • Save your data.
              All of the information you have provided will now be in your ‘Profile’ section. 


Get listed on the marketplace

By default, your profit-sharing service is set to public but hidden from the community.
Without being listed on the marketplace, you can still allow Zignaly users to copy you by sharing your service URL.
Once logged in on Zignaly, users can enter this Url and connect to your profit-sharing service.

To find your Service URL: Open your profit-sharing profile page, enable Make it public.
The Url address in your browser will be your 'service URL':

Attention! Please be sure that you don't share the URL that contains your key, anyone with that key could manage your account.

To be listed on the Zignaly marketplace please contact support at [email protected]


Learn more about how to manage your service: Manage your services



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