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We now have two options for Copytrading, our regular monthly subscription method & our top addition to copy-trading with Profit-Sharing. Profit-Sharing is our best method of automated trading that allows connected users to receive 100% identical results. The Trader and subscribers become one. This ensures the perfect execution of the trading strategy from entry to exit. As a service provider, you can now choose to offer your service using the profit-sharing method.

  • Available for Spot & Futures trading
  • You must create & connect to your own service with a Zignaly Spot or Zignaly Futures
    Exchange Account

The differences between Standard Copytrading & Profit Sharing: 

Standard Copytrading Profit-Sharing Model
Monthly subscriptions

Profits will be divided between the Investors, the provider (you) & a 5% rate to Zignaly

Success fees are taken only when new highs are made in your portfolio.

Positions open for the Copytrader provider first and the connected users directly after

Identical results
This method creates a base position with the entire allocated balance of all the copiers combined. (Bigger position size).

This gives the trader and the user IDENTICAL RESULTS, as there is no difference in the entry price, DCAs, stop loss, and exit prices, the % of profit is the same for all participants.

Available for all Spot/Futures Zignaly Exchange Accounts and API connected Exchange Accounts

Available for Spot/Futures Zignaly Exchange Accounts

Replicates the positions using position size % of each allocated amount

Uses the total allocated balance

Whenever a user connects to your service, the allocated balance will be locked and become unavailable for the user. Then, when you open a position, you will have to take into consideration the whole capital that you are managing.

Let's say you allocate 100,  userA allocates 200, and userB allocates 50, you would be managing 350usdt in total. If you open a position of 10%, that would be a position of 35usdt.

Success Fee:

The profit-sharing model works with a success fee instead of a standard monthly subscription fee.

You decide on the success fee for your Profit-Sharing service. Please note that an additional 5% will be charged to the user, which is Zignaly's commission.

Let's say that you decide to charge a 25% success fee. The user will see a 30% success fee. 70% will go to the user, 25% to you & 5% to Zignaly.

The success fees are only taken once a position is closed and profits hit a new high.

High-Water Mark Calculation

We are using a high-water mark, each time there are profits, and profits + current balance is above the high-water mark, the profits will be shared, however, if there are open positions with losses at that moment, the negative amount will be retained until the positions are closed.


Every time that a position is closed, we analyze the status of the current open positions. If they are in  profit (and generate new all-time high equity value), success fees will be paid, but if the current positions are in loss, we keep the current losses as a retainer. The next time that a position is closed, we calculate the pnl to balance the retain value.

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Zignaly Profit-Sharing Presentation: (from the users perspective) 

Understanding analytics


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