Tips when selecting a automated trading Service

As you browse the Zignaly Copytrading Marketplace, you may ask yourself... How do I choose the best trader to copy? 🤔
This is entirely up to you, but we do have some suggestions to take into consideration:

First, narrow down your search by reviewing these fields & applying filters:

Which quote Which exchange Long-Term Results
A way to choose the quote is to decide; What is the coin you prefer to accumulate? If it's Bitcoin, use the filter to select Copytrading services that are trading Bitcoin pairs. Or, if it is USDT, select USDT as the quote.

Applying filters


To view more specific information on each trader click VIEW TRADER on the Copytrader box:


Tips when choosing a service:

  • Look at long-term statistics, a trader that has shown continuous results
  • How informative are they on their profile page, do they provide details of their strategy? Why it succeeds, what drawdown is to be expected, do they offer an independent website for more information?
  • Do they have an active community or way to be reached (Discord, Telegram)?
  • And finally, does this strategy fit with what you are looking for? Some prefer more conservative strategies, and others are more open to high-risk/reward strategies.
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