Mining Hamster Integration


Create a MiningHamster account, then follow these steps:

  • Go to the MiningHamster website
  • select Settings
  • Enter this Bot Customer Key: 7qBLhcuxbAa6Z16pTPzteaxuwb14AQ5k
    into the ‘your bot customer key’ field

Once saved, go to API and copy your API key


Next, open Zignaly and go to the Signals Providers marketplace (on the left sidebar menu)

  • Click “View Provider” on the “MiningHamster Signals” box.


  • Scroll down to the options section of the page Paste your API key

Fill in your signal provider settings as indicated in the article:
How to follow a Signal Provider

Note: We encourage you to also check out the “Lab” section on the MiningHamster website for information about their recommended settings for their signals.

That’s it, from now on, each time we receive a signal that matches your criteria a new position will be opened for you automatically.

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