Zignaly Exchange Account - Withdraw

Withdraw from your Zignaly Exchange Account

To withdraw funds from your Zignaly Exchange Account, first of all
select ‘My Exchange Accounts and click on the Withdraw button.

Send your funds to your crypto wallet:

  1. Select the coin you wish to withdraw from Zignaly.
  2. Make sure you have the correct network selected for this coin.

Now proceed to your previously established wallet or exchange account,
Follow their guidelines to deposit into that account and copy the address for the specific coin.
*best to keep both tabs open

Using Binance as an example: Log in on Binance, click wallet> spot> deposit:

  1. Paste the address from your exchange account wallet or other crypto wallet into the Zignaly form: under field: Recipient (coin) Address

  1. Enter the amount of this coin to withdraw

After double-checking that all of the fields are correct, select the Withdraw button




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