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Deposit funds into your Zignaly Exchange Account

To add funds to your Zignaly Exchange Account, first of all
select ‘My Exchange Accounts and click on the Deposit button.
There are two ways to add funds:

  1. Send your funds from your current exchange or crypto wallet
  2. Purchasing Crypto through Changelly (third party provider)


1. Send your funds from your current exchange or crypto wallet:

  1. Select the coin you wish to deposit to Zignaly.
  2. Make sure you have the correct network selected for this coin.
  3. This will generate an address for you for this specific coin, It will be your personal address to deposit any of these coins (ex. ETH) into your Zignaly exchange account.
  4. Proceed to your previously established wallet or exchange account, Follow their guidelines to withdraw your coin. Enter your generated Zignaly address for this coin and network in their send to specifications.

For some networks, additionally to the Address, a Memo/Tag could be required. In that case, you should repeat the same steps with the Address, copy the memo/tag from Zignaly and paste in your wallet or exchange account.

2. Purchase funds with your credit card through Changelly

Navigate how to purchase with your credit card through Changelly:

First you must sign-up for a Chanelly account.
You will be prompted to verify your email account.
Next, select the amount and coin you would like to purchase. Then buy now:

Enter your generated Zignaly address for this coin (as mentioned above in this article)

Proceed with your payment and your coin will be deposited in your Zignaly account shortly.

Now you are ready to start trading!




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