Implement a Coinpayment system

*For service providers


We will handle the payments, but they will be sent directly to your account.

We don't charge you, we only give you the tools to add a payment system for your service.

The first thing that you need to do, it's to open an account in CoinPayments.

  1. Log in and visit your Account Settings, there your will see your Merchant ID:

  2. Note your Merchant ID, you will need to provide it to us.

  3. Now, in that same screen, go to the Merchant Settings (the fourth tab) and look for the IPN Secret input:

  4. There you have to put a string, some numbers and letters (no spaces) and also note it, you will need to provide it to us.

    If you want to configure anything else in that view, feel free to do it. Just take into consideration that we use USD for showing the pricing of your service.

  5. Finally, in the Coin Settings screen choose as many cryptocurrencies as you want to accept. We recommend you to accept Paypal too, most of our users use it.

  6. Now you can introduce your Merchant ID and IPN Secret in the edit tab of your service. You can also define if you want to give a trial period (normally 7 days but it depends on the type of signals that you handle or the frequency).

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