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Copy-trading lets you copy expert traders automatically and hassle-free allowing you to
get the same results, while the settings, strategy, and risk management are all handled
by the trader

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How to choose a Copytrader?

It's up to you which trader to copy, but here are some suggestions to take into consideration:

Which quote Which exchange Long-Term Results
A way to choose the quote is to decide; What is the coin you prefer to accumulate? If it's Bitcoin, use the filter to select Copytrading services that are trading Bitcoin pairs. Or, if it is USDT, select USDT as the quote.

Applying filters

Tips when choosing a Copytrader:
    • Look at long-term statistics, a trader that has shown continuous results.
    • How informative are they on their trader profile page? Do they provide details of their strategy, why it succeeds, what drawdown is to be expected?
    • Have they provided updates on their Zignaly 'feed' section or have an active community (discord, telegram)
    • Does this strategy fit with what you are looking for? Some prefer more conservative strategies, and others are more open to high-risk/reward strategies.

After you've decided on a copy trader, here's how to start copying:

Connect to a Copy Trader


Take a look at the Copytrading marketplace to view all available Copytrading Services (from the left side-bar menu) Choose a Copytrader.

On the trader card, you can find some information such as Monthly Fees, Return, Trading Type. For more understanding of the Trader Card, please check this article: 
Trader Return. 

*Previous results do not guarantee future performance

Click VIEW TRADER to open their profile page.


  •  Select ‘Copy this Trader.’ 

  •  In the top right corner of the screen, select the exchange you would like to use for this copytrader

Be sure that your selected exchange account has the funds needed to cover your allocated amount & that this is also in the quote the copytrader is using.

example: 100 USDT, you must have this amount of USDT not value in BTC or held in other coins.



  • Allocate your funds. Enter the amount you wish to allocate from your balance

    What does this mean? Basically, this is the max balance the trader will use from your funds. If the trader uses 10% of his funds, it will replicate on your account using 10% of your funds proportionally.

    Take into consideration that all the traders have a minimum amount to allocate, this is related to their strategy, and it's not possible to invest less than this amount.


  •  Select 'pay using Coinpayments'
    Once your payment goes through to the Copytrader, it will list your expiry date, and you are now connected to this trader! (unless it's a free service or trial) 
    Note: If you have any issues with the payment or paid but the account is not updated, please contact your trader directly via their contact on the Profile service page. 

That's it! Just wait for new positions to be opened from your Copytrader 😉



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