Connect your KuCoin Account

In order to connect the KuCoin account to Zignaly you need to create API keys.
Please follow these steps: 

    1. Log in to your account on

Funds on your KuCoin account are in the 'main' account' by default.
If your balance is in the "main" account and if you want to trade with it you need to transfer it to a "trade" account. Here is a KuCoin article that may be helpful: Main Account and Trading Account 
  1. In the dropdown menu, click "API Management" & enable the two security protection methods.
  2. Click create API > Name Your Key> Enter passphrase (It's a password for the API key. Note it as you cannot add API to Zignaly withoutit)


After confirming you can connect your KuCoin API to Zignaly by heading over to Zignaly (best to keep both tabs open)
Go to My Exchange Accounts in the user menu at the top-right of the page.

Select ‘Connect Existing Exchange Account’

Fill in the following:

  • Choose KuCoin Exchange
  • Enter a custom name for this account
  • Select type
  • Enter API key
  • Enter API secret

Click Connect Exchange. You are now ready to start trading!

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