4 Ways to trade with Zignaly

Zignaly has four trading options:


Profit-Sharing services are 100% automated for everybody (no settings)

Profit-Sharing is our best method of automated trading that allows you to copy expert traders
& receive 100% identical results.
The Profit-Sharing method has benefits over regular copy-trading, in which you will only pay a success fee when you have reached new profitable highs on these positions.

More information on Profit-Sharing
Connect to a Profit-Sharing Service


Copy Trading is 100% automated for everybody (no settings)

Copy-trading lets you copy expert traders automatically and hassle-free allowing you to get the same results, while the settings, strategy, and risk management are all handled by them.

Connect to a Copytrader


Signal Providers partially automated for advanced users

This will require you to input the settings for your trades.

You will have more management over your trades, allowing you to automatically follow a provider's signals of when to buy, sell, etc. but also options to edit the position settings (some signal providers will have setting recommendations available.)

Connect to a Signal Provider


Manual trading on the Trading Terminal for advanced users

This option is for users who prefer to manually trade and build on their position strategies.
The Trading Terminal provides the tools to set up your trade all at once, including DCA Rebuys, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, etc

Trade on the Trading Terminal



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