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Referral Program for Service Managers
Referral Program for Service Managers

Service manager benefits of Zignaly's referral program!

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Unlock the full potential of your trading journey with Zignaly's Referral Program, tailored to fund managers like you. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your communities investing experience, while also implementing new ways to promote your service, amplifying your own earning potential and creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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How It Works

Zignaly offers a range of commission structures: Base, Boosted, and Shared. Each is carefully designed to help attract new users to your service, and reward your trading contributions.​

For more in depth information regarding how the program works, feel free to check out our introduction article here - Zignaly's Referral Program.

The Benefits

As a service manager, there are numerous benefits from taking advantage of Zignaly's Referral Program! 🚀

Promoting Your Service: Leveraging the Referral Program allows you to tap into a broader audience beyond your immediate circle. By encouraging others to promote your trading service, you can extend your reach within the trading community, attracting new investors and boosting your overall profits.

Increase Assets Under Management (AUM): Engaging in our Referral Program means gaining access to a network of potential promoters who can help increase your AUM. By attracting more investors to your service through referrals, you have the chance to expand your client base and, consequently, increase your success fee.

Boost Your Success Fee: With more investors joining your service through referrals, you have the opportunity to enhance your success fee. As your AUM grows, so does your potential for higher earnings, making the Referral Program a lucrative avenue for increasing your profits.


Does any of the funds paid to referrals come from my share?

By default, referrers are paid with Zignaly's success fee. However, if you increase the referral reward contributing to the referral program, part of the payment will be deducted from your success fee.

Can I increase referral rewards with my share?

Yes, you have the option to increase your referral rewards by contributing a portion of your share to the referral program. This boosts your referral rewards and incentivizes more users to join through your referral link. Not only this, it will also attract new users to start referring your service to others!

What happens if I decide to stop contributing with my share?

If you decide to stop contributing with your share after a referrer has signed up on Zignaly, we will maintain the agreed-upon sharing percentage with them. This ensures consistency and fairness for both you and your referrals, allowing them to continue benefiting from the terms you initially agreed upon. However, any new referrers will receive your newly adjusted percentage.

What happens if I modify the success fee?

If you decide to modify the success fee after the referral invests, your agreed-upon commission remains unaffected. This guarantees fairness for both you and your referrals, ensuring they continue to benefit from the original terms you agreed upon. Only new referrers will use your newly adjusted fee.

Fixed Terms

To review our fixed terms and policies regarding the referral program, feel free to check them out here - Zignaly’s Referral Program / Fixed Terms.

Take advantage of Zignaly’s Referral Program and start amplifying your earnings! Experience a world of collaborative success within the Zignaly community.


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