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Guide to discontinuing and withdrawing the remaining funds from your service

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Within Profit Sharing, anytime a trader wishes to create a service, investing a minimum of $100 is mandatory. This also means you cannot withdraw any amount below $100. When a fund manager requests to discontinue a service and withdraw their remaining funds, they must follow a few basic steps.

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Transfer all funds to the Standby account

Go to the "Manage Funds" section of your service, and transfer the funds from the Trading account to the Standby account:

Note: If you have funds stuck in your Trading account, this is probably accumulated Dust or open orders/positions. Please close all pending orders and convert any Dust from your connected trading terminal, then move the remaining funds into your Standby account. If you need assistance completing these tasks, contact the trading terminal customer support from which you performed your trades.

If you have more than $5 worth of Dust in your Trading account, then the above steps are mandatory. If you have under $5 worth of Dust still in your trading account and are okay with losing these funds, you can continue with the next steps.

Update your service parameters

In that same Standby account, set the "Minimum Balance" to 99999999:

Go to the service "Profile", then click on "Edit Profile," and set the "Maximum pool size" to 0.0001:

Add the word (Inactive) at the end of your service name:

Inform support

Once all steps are complete, it’s necessary to contact our Customer Support team and inform them of your request. They will pass this request to the tech team, where they can help release the funds back into your exchange account.

Please note that if there are any connected investors, they will be notified and also disconnected. If the service was listed on the Marketplace, then at this point it will be unlisted. As well, the service will not be deleted entirely, however just be marked as "inactive".

Since this process is currently manually done, it would take up to 24 hours, in which you will receive an email notifying once complete. We are working to speed this process up as soon as possible!

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to contact our customer support team! 💡

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