Hyper Trader API Connection

Information on how to connect your service to Hyper Trader.

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Hyper Trader is one of the platforms Zignaly recommends to PS2 traders!

Here is a quick guide to installing the app:

1. Download the desktop APP: https://gethypertrader.com/ and register.

2. Go to https://app.zignaly.com/become-trader and create your service and your API.
If you already have a service, you only need to create an API.

3. On the Hyper Trader app, click "Add Account":

5. Select the Exchange Type, name of the service, and place the Keys and IPs (optional):

6. You're ready to start trading!

💡 If you have any questions regarding trades, positions, etc, please feel free to check this link: https://gethypertrader.com/support

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