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Closing Trading Terminal
Closing Trading Terminal
Announcement closing our Trading Terminal
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We will focus on our new app page, featuring a new interface and accounting system, and old and new traders are already present in our marketplace. If you still need to visit us, please do so now. Your login credentials will remain the same.


Take note of the following timeline:

  • June 1st, 2023: All Profit Sharing 1.0 services will be removed from Zignaly.

Between May 15th and June 1st, we will proceed to close all pending positions in PS1 and disconnect you from any services you may be following. We will also send you a mail to confirm this action.
We will not disconnect you from any services that have been migrated to 2.0. You will continue to have access as an investor.


  1. I cannot see my connected services anymore. Where is it?

    The service could be migrated to the new interface. Please log in to with the same Credentials, and you should be able to find him in the My Portfolio option.

    If you cannot find the trader, please check if the service is liquidated.

  2. Will you close all Profit Sharing 1.0 positions so I can withdraw my fund?

    We will close all PS 1.0 positions from May 15th to June 1st, 2023. If you're waiting to withdraw from those services, you can click on Stop Copying Trader and wait until that day for your refund.

  3. Will my current investments be converted to Profit Sharing 2.0?

    No, it won't be automatically converted if the trader's services are not migrated. If you want to continue following that trader, you can follow his feed post to know whether he has a new service on PS 2.0 or will be migrated. Your investment won't be affected as traders must stop trading during migration. You can always invest again in the same traders.

  4. Do I need to withdraw my coins to another platform?

    No, you don't. You can find your coins in the new interface when disconnected from Profit Sharing 1.0 and have funds in your account. After that, you can continue surfing for other Profit Sharing 2.0 services you like.

  5. What other tools can I use to replace Trading Terminal?

    Some other websites you can consider are Hyper Trader, WunderTrader, Ninja Trader, Altrady, or Coinigy. Or it can be any platforms that support the Binance API key

    Please feel free to reach out to our chatbox if you have any other questions :)

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