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Zignaly's Referral Program
Zignaly's Referral Program
Information regarding referrals, rewards and vouchers!
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Our Referral Program is now live! Want to benefit even more from Zignaly? Refer your friends! 🗣

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Referees & Referrers

Referrer: The user has an account in Zignaly and invites people to sign-up by sharing a personal link.

Referees: The user is invited and uses the referral link to join Zignaly.



Referrers will get rewards from the success fees paid by those they invite!

If you invite a user and they invest in a Profit Sharing Service, you will get 20% of the success fees they pay to Zignaly! Additionally, inviting a trader is better. You will receive 5% of rebate fees + 5% of Success Fees Zignaly receives from the service!

Example: If in Spot, the service has 1.000.000 volume and uses BNB burn. That will imply a total Trading Fees of 750 USDT (1M * 0.075%). So Zignaly will receive 337.50 USDT as revenue and 5% of that is 16.87 USDT for the user who invited the trader. Plus the 5% of the Success Fees. Service with 100,000 in AUM that generates 10k in profits. 5% of 10k = 500 is what Zignaly receives, and the trader referrer will receive 25 USDT.

The rebate and success fee would be 16.87+25 = $41.87!


After investing in a PS service with any amount, you will receive a $20 voucher! This can be used for paying Success Fees and internal utilities!

Find your voucher at the top of your screen:

These rewards are spent automatically anytime you need to pay success fees!

How does it work?

For Referrers:

Referrers must share a personal link that is created in their Zignaly account:

1. Click on "Invite Friends" at the top of your screen:

2. You will receive a personalized link that you can send to your friends:

For Referees:

Once your friend has shared the referral link with you, you must use it for registration. If you fail to use it, neither of you will receive the program's benefits.

1. Copy and paste the shared URL into your browser:

2. Complete the registration form:

Thats it! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact support! 💡

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