Postman Troubleshooting

Basics of using Postman with your API's.

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During the use of Postman, some errors or bugs may occur; here, we show you some of them and how you can solve them.


1. Postman is returning 'msg': 'Signature for this request is not valid.'

You have missed placing the parameter 'true/false' 'dualSidePosition' in the request:

2. Assume you're having problems with Postman, such as enabling or disabling Hedge Mode.

You have modified some parameters, and now you don't know how to fix them.

The quickest solution is to reset the entire library and the API key configuration.

How is this done?

You have to delete the Workspace where you imported the Binance Collection library.

Go and click on the name of your Workspace and then go to the settings:

Now, select "Delete Workspace" and follow the steps to delete it:


This will remove all the settings you have made to your API Key from Postman.

Once eliminated, we start from scratch.

Go and create another workspace, clicking on "My workspace" - "Create Workspace":

Enter the name and click ‘Create’:

Now you need to add the Binance collections and your API Keys one more time:

This will bring the Binance collection library in Postman back to its default parameters, and you can start over.


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