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Where to place the API and verify that the API is working correctly
Where to place the API and verify that the API is working correctly

Basics of using Postman with your API's.

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Here we will show you where to enter your APIs and how to check if they work correctly.

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Where To Place The API

Now, we want to add the APIs to our Binance library!

For example, let's select 'Binance perpetual futures API' - 'Market' - 'Check Server Time':

1. On the top right, expand the dropdown or type 'No Environment', and click on the option 'Binance Perpetual Futures':

2. Click on the eye icon beside the selector. This will open a window where you can introduce your API Keys (Key and Secret):

Once the APIs are added, we can test if it is connected properly.

Verify that the API is working correctly.

We will make a test call to get the Server Time.

To do it, you must add the 'Binance Perpetual Future API' Library to your collection. Next, we need to open the Check Server Time Endpoint.

If you receive this error, perhaps the API Keys were never introduced, or you didn't select 'The Environment'. Let's follow the next steps: 'Where to place the API'

Once you have them, return to the check server endpoint and press 'Send'. This time it should show a response below with the server time in Unix format and 'Status: 200 OK'!


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