Zignaly presents the new Profit Sharing 2.0 interface. There are many enhancements in this beta version.

  • My Portfolio is where you can keep all your investment information. It is where you look for the total investment and profits from all services.

  • My Balance tab is simpler. Only one tab displays all coin information and deposit and withdrawal functions. The history includes both external and internal transactions.

Profit Sharing 2.0 also has several advantages:

  • Convenient interface: total investment is in one place.

  • Precise service performance: service profile chart shows pnl% compound, total assets, and service followers.

  • Transparent data and simple instructions for investing and withdrawing

  • A transparent accounting system: includes both realized and unrealized profits.

  • Simple service withdrawal process: waiting for closing positions is unnecessary.

  • Shared success: only pay fees if you made a higher profit in the previous three days.

The services migration process for PS2 is still ongoing. So if you want to migrate your service now, don't hesitate to contact the support team.

You can always go back to Zignaly's old interface via this link

Our Trading Terminal remains available for manual trading and Fund Managers.
The documentations are in the Trading category of our Help Center. Fund Managers in PS2 can read this article to connect service to the Zignaly legacy interface via API.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with the support team.

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