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Trading Reference Links

Binance trading links and rules for Fund Managers

Updated over a week ago

These are links that will help Fund Managers with trading information. Please read them to understand common Binance trading rules.

  1. Futures trading rules: The link provides all the rules you need to know in Futures trading.

  2. Spot trading rules: The same for spot trading; you should follow some specific rules.

  3. Leveraged tokens trading rules: You can find reasons why you are not permitted to open positions with leveraged tokens.

  4. Margin and liquidation calculation: Futures trading requires an understanding of margin trading. It can make you more aware of how risky your investments are.

  5. Limit/ Market order floor ratio: Limit and market orders will expire for not closing positions at an unexpected price. This article will describe how it works.

  6. Deposit/ withdraw statuses: If the network you choose to deposit or withdraw from is down for maintenance, it will display here.

  7. Delisting coins announcement: It is critical to close your positions before Binance delists the pairs you are opening. It avoids accounting or technical issues that could take a long time to resolve.

  8. Binance troubleshooting and errors: This link contains a list of all trading errors. If you cannot open your positions, take your time to investigate them.

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