FAQ’s for Fund Managers

Common questions for Fund Managers

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These are some of the most frequently asked questions and troubleshooting tips. If your questions are not answered here and you still need help, feel free to contact support!

Can I connect my profit-sharing API to Binance?

It's impossible as Profit Sharing is a Binance sub-account.

How do I create a service?

You can create a Profit Sharing service in the new interface by simply clicking "Offer your trading services" on the main page: https://app.zignaly.com/become-trader

Where can I see my open position?

Profit sharing 2.0 will allow you to check your positions through API. Currently, there is one way to get the APIs which is to create a new service directly in the new interface; Fund Managers can create, manage, and delete APIs.

Connect the APIs to any external platform.

These APIs enable you to connect your PS2 services to an external Trading Terminal! This is only possible with platforms that use Binance API, such as HyperTrader, Wundertrader, Ninja Trader, Altrady, and Coinigy, or any complex algorithm integrated with Binance API!

How is the API key binding provided? Are we going to do this manually?

Yes, you should be able to create, edit, and delete your API manually by following this article: How To Create Zignaly API's

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