You will find a chart with several tracking features within a service profile. This article can help you to understand how to read this chart better!

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What is a Service Profile Chart?

It's a chart reflecting critical information to comprehend the trader's performance. You can choose from five different timeframes to see the information. The vertical labels represent the values, and the horizontal bar presents the timeline.

Tracking features

These are the basic features you will find on each chart:

  • PnL% Compound: It is the accumulated pnl over time. It also includes the unrealized pnl.

  • Daily PNL: It's profit and loss from the service's balance for the selected period. It also includes the unrealized pnl for that day.

  • Total Balance: You can see the total amount of money in the service. It is the amount of money the trader uses.

  • Number of Investors: This is the change in the number of investors over the specified period.

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