Here we will go over how to connect your Profit Sharing 2.0 API!

These APIs are useful to connect your PS2 service to any platform outside of Zignaly as long as it allows you to connect Binance API. This is because PS2 services are sub-accounts within the Binance Broker program!

In this article:

Below we will explain how to connect your PS2 service to the old Zignaly interface!

Following these steps, you can continue using our functionalities such as the Trading Terminal and Webhook!

Can I generate the API for my PS2 service?

Yes, you can. When the service is migrated to the new version of Profit-Sharing 2.0, Fund Managers can create, manage or delete these APIs within the new interface in PS2.

Please check the "How to create API key" article

What is the 'Zignaly API Code'?

´╗┐This is a unique code generated by our Database that is linked directly to the API of the service.

This code is linked to the API so that when trying to connect to Zignaly's old interface, it is only possible to connect with a PS 2.0 service.

How to connect the API to Zignaly?

1. Go to the old interface using this link:

Next, go to 'My Exchange Account':

2. At the bottom of the page, click on 'Connect An Exchange Account':

3. Connect the API you received in the two previous emails along with the Zignaly API Code generated for these APIs.

4. Go back to 'My Exchange Account' and click on 'Settings'. Here you will see the Key to send your signals! For more information on signals, check out this article:

'Signal Parameters'

Connecting it this way lets you see everything that happens with your PS2 service through the old interface, such as positions, balances, etc.

It is essential to mention that you can see all the information only if you open the position from Zignaly. For example, suppose you execute trades from Python with the API and connect the same API to our platform. In that case, you will not see the information here because it was executed outside Zignaly.

What can we do with this?

You can still use the Zignaly Trading Terminal and our Webhook to integrate with TradingView.

You could manage your service with any Trading Terminal, such as Altrady, Ninja Trader, and many others.


Suppose you wish to continue using our Trading Terminal and Webhook. In that case, you need to connect the API of your PS2 service to the old version of Profit Sharing.

Using the old Profit Sharing platform will be temporary while the two platforms coexist and the services are being migrated.

In future updates, when all services have been migrated, we will integrate everything necessary in the new interface.

We will keep Fund Managers informed about future changes we will put in place.

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