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Rules For Being Listed In The Marketplace
Rules For Being Listed In The Marketplace

Steps for Fund Managers to list a service in the marketplace!

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These are the basic requirements that all fund managers must follow to be listed in our marketplace!

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Advantages Of Being Listed In The Marketplace

List your service in our marketplace and enjoy the benefits of pooled trading funds!

Profit Sharing Marketplace Benefits

  1. Provides an opportunity to create a new stream of income

  2. Grants exposure to our entire Zignaly community

  3. Enjoy success fees from all connected investors

Requirements To Be Listed In The Marketplace

Zignaly enforces these rules to filter out gamblers and poor risk managers.

This in turn will help keep our marketplace a safe investment tool for all!

The Listing Requirements:

  1. The strategy needs to run for at least 90 days with a minimum balance of 500 USDT. The service must be profitable at the time of listing.

  2. Provide a contact method for your followers (Discord, E-mail, X (Twitter), Facebook, etc).

  3. Add a Logo and complete your service profile information.

  4. State your Maximum Drawdown, which can only ever be reduced.

  5. Because you cannot offer services that do not charge Success Fees, the Success Fee must be at least 10% (5% for the Fund Manager and 5% for Zignaly).

  6. 2FA is mandatory. You must ensure your account is safe enough not to be managed by an unauthorized figure.

  7. Pass Success Traders manual evaluation.

Professional traders, companies or hedge funds may request to speed up the listing process. If they comply with the following rules, new services can be listed within 30 days instead of 90 days. To comply with this exception, the trader must:

  • Provide a 6 month external track record to Zignaly (previous profit sharing services do not apply).

  • This external record cannot be a backtest and must be actual money trading.

  • The record must match the behavior of the 30 days of stats generated in Zignaly.

Each track record will be analyzed independently. The documentation requested may vary depending on the format provided by the trader.

If you wish to have your service listed in our marketplace, please get in touch with our support team to request a service evaluation.

Rules To Follow

The minimum deposit of 500 USDT must be from the fund manager's account; it will not be taken into consideration if you have private investments from other accounts of your own or third parties within the service.

After being listed in our marketplace, it is necessary to maintain a minimum of $500 in your service. This ensures that all traders continue to trade with proper risk management, as they will have their own funds invested.

Make sure to keep your positions below your stated maximum drawdown. If this is exceeded, Zignaly will automatically delist your service from the marketplace.

Your service cannot reach 50% of users requesting 'Withdrawal'. If so, Zignaly will intervene and deal with the positions accordingly.

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