Here you will find the necessary steps to withdraw from Zignaly!

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Withdraw from your Zignaly Exchange Account

NOTE: This is the withdrawal process from Zignaly exchange accounts to external wallets.

If you want to "withdraw" funds from a Profit-sharing service, please visit this article.

  1. To start, head over to your ‘Balances’ tab. A display of all the coins and assets you own will be presented. To withdraw, please click on any of the ‘minus’ symbols next to the coin.

  2. Select the correct network.

  3. Next, paste the address from your external exchange into the ‘Withdraw To’ Address.

  4. Enter the amount to withdraw.

  5. After double-checking that all fields are correct, select the ‘Continue to Confirmation' button.

Deposit / Withdrawal History

You can easily check your previous transfer history by going into your ‘Balance’ tab, and clicking on ‘Deposits/Withdrawals’.

You can filter your transfer history by clicking on the ‘All Transactions’ drop down menu. Here you can choose from deposits, withdrawals, profit sharing or internal transfers.

Please note that this menu will only show up to 3 months of history. If you wish to see your full history, you can click on the ‘Export’ button. This will send a full report to your email within 10 minutes!

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