A frequent question by all Fund Managers is, "if an investor withdraws, does it affect the strategy?". We will clear it up in this article.

💡We recommend reading the article "Manage funds inside your service" before starting.

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How does an investor withdraw from a Profit Sharing service?

All Profit Sharing services work with Pooled Accounts, also known as PAMM. The Fund Manager manages all investors' funds. Meanwhile, each investment represents a percentage of the balance.

Our top priority is to refrain from interfering with your strategies. Thus, we offer Free Withdrawal and Instant Withdrawal options.

What is a Withdrawal request?

It is a process dependent on the available funds in the Standby Account. The withdrawals will wait until the account has enough funds. As a fund manager, you will be able to follow up on the withdrawal requests in the "Needed for a daily snapshot" section.

You can transfer funds from the Trading Fund to the Standby Account to cover the withdrawals. You are not required to close your investments. You have the option of using the available in the Trading fund or reducing your positions.

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