Profit-Sharing is our #1 investment solution (similar to PAMM accounts). This service allows expert traders to manage your funds and generate profits for you! Users will only pay a success fee if the trader generates profits.

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❗ Before investing in a Profit Sharing service, review: Understanding Profit Sharing

Deposit Funds to Zignaly

To send your coins to our wallet, you can follow these steps:

  1. Choose the 'My Balances' tab in the Exchange you want to deposit.

  2. Click on the ➕ icon, which will display the Deposit section.

  3. Select the coin and network.

  4. Proceed to deposit your coins to the provided wallet address.

Check out this article for more detailed steps: Deposit In Zignaly Exchange Account


  • Please carefully select the correct coins and network to deposit.

  • Deposits might take up to 5 hours to display due to the network performance.

Now you are ready to invest in a Profit Sharing service & start receiving your profits! 💰💰

Invest in a Profit Sharing service

Tips when choosing a Profit Sharing Service:

  • Looking at long-term statistics.

  • Reading their profile page carefully to comprehend the strategy.

  • Knowing the maximum drawdown and success fee.

  • Understanding the background and basic information of the Fund Managers.

➡️ These should be aligned with your expectations.

All this information can be found when you click on the Service name:


  • You must understand this article before investing: Understanding Profit Sharing.

  • Futures investments can face the risk of liquidation. To protect your funds, we suggest dividing your investments between multiple services.

After choosing the service, you can get started by clicking on the 'INVEST' button. There is no minimum investment amount.

Then, you will be able to find the information on your dashboard!

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