When you sign up, your Zignaly exchange account is ready to go! You just need to add funds to your wallet. Once you fund your wallet, you’re protected by Binance’s SAFU.

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Sending Funds To Zignaly

To start, head over to your ‘Balances’ tab. A display of all the coins and the assets you currently own will be presented. In order to deposit, please click on any of the ‘add’ symbols next to the coin.

Next you will need to select a coin to deposit, along with the network you will be using to transfer your assets.

Lastly, an address and QR code will appear, which will allow you to complete the withdrawal.

For some networks, a Memo/Tag is required. Proceed to your previous wallet or exchange account. Follow their guidelines to withdraw your coins.


Please carefully select and double-check the correct coin address, network, and memo to deposit. If any of this info gets entered incorrectly, the transfer could get lost.

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