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Managing the Trading Fund and Standby Account!

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For a better experience, Profit Sharing services have two different accounts within the service! This article will explain what they are and how to use them correctly!

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What is the Trading Fund?

The Trading Fund is the trading account where the service strategy is applied.

The API Keys generated to manage the service are linked to this account.

The margin is isolated from the stand-by account in order for the funds not to be affected in the event of a liquidation.

Additionally, Zignaly will never make an automatic withdrawal from this account since it could affect the strategy. The only one who can make a transfer is the Fund Manager.

What is the Standby Account?

This account serves as the funds' entry and exit point in the Profit Sharing service.

Every time a withdrawal is requested, the value of the "Needed for the daily snapshot" increases.

If the value of "Available for withdrawals" is equal to or greater than the value of "Needed for daily snapshot," all pending withdrawals are completed.

If it is smaller, some withdrawal funds will be pending for the next PSDS.

"Available for withdrawals" is the funds available in the Standby account.

There are only two ways to increase funds here:

  1. Increase funds through new investments:
    When a user invests in a service for the first time or when he increases his current investment.

  2. The Fund Manager transfers from the Trading Fund to the Standby Account.

The "Minimum balance" option is an automatic system to reduce the available balance of the Standby account after a PSDS.

It transfers all the funds above the minimum to the Trading Fund account.

Zignaly will not make a transfer from the Trading Fund to the Standby Account to complete the Minimum Balance since it could affect the service strategy.

The Fund Manager is the only one who can make transfers in both directions between the accounts.

Next, let's learn how to manage withdrawals within your service 😎

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