There are several reasons why your deposit may not appear. It could just be a delay, or potentially the wrong deposit information was entered.

Delayed Deposit - Sync Button

If you can see the deposit marked as "OK" in the deposit section but it is not displayed in the balance, it means it might take a couple of hours to show. No worries! Your funds are safe 🤝

If your deposit was sent to a Spot Wallet, clicking on the Sync Balance button will help update your wallet.

If it was directed to a Futures exchange, please wait until it displays properly.

💥 A useful tip I would like to share with you for the next Futures deposit, is to deposit first to your Spot wallet. Once reached, move it to your Futures one by using the Transfer button. It is way faster this way 😉

Deposited To The Wrong Wallet Address / Coin / Network

If you can't find your deposits anywhere, it's possible that you deposited to the wrong wallet, such as sending USDT to a ZIG coin wallet.

Similarly, if you deposited USDT to the USDT wallet address but used the incorrect network, your funds will not be displayed.

You can assist us in determining whether the coins are recoverable or not by providing the following information in the chat support:

  • The network used:

  • Deposit/Withdrawal address:

  • Date and amount:

  • Transaction ID:

  • Coin:

❗Please, avoid sending screenshots of your transaction since we cannot subtract the information from an image, send us the data by copy-pasting it instead.

Fake coins

In a rare case, the coins you deposited are counterfeit and thus unrecognizable in real wallet addresses.

You can detect fake coins by looking at their contract link to see the number of transactions or comparing it to the coin's contract at

For example, this is a scam NEOFI coin:

This is the real NEOFI coin

USDC / USDP / TUSD Deposits

According to Binance's announcement, USDC, USDP, and TUSD balances will be automatically converted to BUSD at a 1:1 ratio beginning 2022-09-29 03:00 (UTC).

As a result, if you deposit one of these stablecoins, it will be converted to BUSD automatically. Look for the amount of BUSD in the Balance -> Coins tab.

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