With 'ZIGBids' users can now connect their wallets and place bids on live auctions happening directly on!

Be it the whitelist spots to your favorite NFT collection, or that basket of tokens going at a deep discount, you can put your ZIG to work and place your bids at ZIGBids.

Head over to our ZIGBids site here!

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Getting Started

To start with Zignaly's newest offering, ZIGBids, users are required to connect their crypto wallet to seamlessly start placing bids on the live auctions!
To do so, there are 3 main steps to follow:

1. Where to Buy ZIG

ZIGBids is of course powered by ZIG coin!

If you still need to purchase ZIG coins, you can do so directly from Zignaly: Buy ZIG on Zignaly, or from one of our exchange partners: MEXC, AscendEX,, or Huobi Global.

Note: ZIG withdrawals from Ascendex & offer the option to withdraw to a Polygon address.
MEXC and Huobi exchange does not offer polygon compatibility.

2. Send ZIGs to Polygon

Since ZIGBids is built on Polygon, you must send your ZIG coins into your Polygon wallet.

If you need assistance on how to do so, please open a new tab to visit our step-by-step guide: Transfer your ZIG coin to Polygon

Note: If you are withdrawing your ZIGs from a supported exchange and notice that there is no option to send them via Polygon network, please visit this article that explains how to use the Zignaly Bridge to bridge from Ethereum, Binance Chain or Solana to Polygon.

3. Connect your wallet to ZIGBids

ZIGBids supported by 3 major crypto wallets ( MeatMask, Kucoin Wallet, and Wallet Connect )

How to connect ZIGBids to MetaMask

Now that we have the ZIG coin in our Polygon wallet, all we have left to do is simply head over to our ZIGBids page to connect your wallet and transfer your ZIGs to ZIGBids.

Click the "Connect Wallet" button on the top right-hand corner, and select the corresponding wallet.

Next, tap on ‘Transfer ZIG’ > enter the number of coins you’d like to transfer,
> tap on ‘Transfer now!’

How to connect ZIGBids to Kucoin

The Kucoin Wallet redefines the concept of decentralized wallets and will offer users a unique Web 3.0 experience!

To connect your Kucoin wallet to ZIGBids please watch the video below and follow the steps:

How to connect ZIGBids to Wallet Connect

WalletConnect brings the ecosystem together by enabling wallets and apps to securely connect and interact. You can easily connect by scanning the QR code from your mobile device or by choosing the app/wallet from the list on your desktop.

  • ZIG coin transfers to ZIGBids can not be withdrawn; they can only be used to bid and claim prizes.

  • You will need MATIC coins available in this wallet to cover the gas fees required to complete transactions from your wallet.
    ->View Gas (estimated) next to the transaction request.
    If you do not have MATIC coins, you can choose to swap other coins for Matic, buy, or transfer from another wallet.

Create your Profile

Now that we have the ZIG coin in your Polygon wallet, all we have left to do is simply create your profile - which is extremely important for claiming the items from the auctions you win.

Head to your settings and add your username, discord username, and email address associated with your Zignaly account, as this is how we will contact the winners!

Share & Earn

Share your code to earn rewards and grant benefits to your friends!
To review these details, first click on the 'Share and Earn' button on the top of your ZIGBids page. Here you will be able to find your code, reward details, deposit benefits, previous redemptions and more!

Redeem Code
In order to redeem a code, you can go to the top of your ZIGBids page and find the 'Redeem Code' button. Here you will be able to enter the code and enjoy your rewards!

If you do not have an account on discord or have not yet joined our Discord, we welcome you to sign up and join the Zignaly community server!

Welcome to ZIGBids

Now that your account is ready, all we have to do now is find a project that we like and start placing bids!

As you scroll through ZIGBid auctions, each item will have a 'Product Description' to inform you of all the details.

  • Each bid will cost 1 ZIG. This will be deducted from your ZIG balance for every bid you place.

  • With each bid (placed by any bidder), the item price will be raised by 0.01 ZIG (this may vary from auction to auction).

  • The winners are highlighted in the ranking with a Trophy icon.

  • You must bid to stay on the winner’s list, which depends on the number of items up for auction.

  • You will be able to see your position at any moment at the top of the ranking.

If the time to finish the auction is below 10 seconds, you may notice countdown times can be extended momentarily when another bid is placed.

Once the auction is over, If you are among the list of winners in the ranking with a trophy, you will have the option to claim the item within the specified time!

The cost to claim the item will be the final price listed when the auction has been completed.

Claim your prize!

Upon completion of the countdown, the final Winners list will appear. If your username is on the list, having a trophy next to it, you will see the button to claim your price.

You will be prompted to claim your prize within a certain period of time.

❗The Claim button will appear for you and will remain visible for a limited period of time. This button will disappear once the time is up and will not appear again.

❗If you are the winner and do not see the claim button, please refresh your browser

We highly suggest claiming as soon as possible.

Once you claim the prize, you will receive all the details on how to proceed via email or Discord.

In order to not miss out on any new auctions or events, please make sure you sign up to receive our notifications!

If you have any questions, please check out our ZIGBids FAQs or contact our support team here.

Happy bidding!

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