No more waiting!! Zignaly is happy to provide our new version of Profit Sharing 2.0 with many cool updates. Let's check them out! 🤩

Updated Features

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing 2.0 🌟

  • Soft disconnection

    (Free withdrawal)

Funds are only withdrawn when all currently open positions in your dashboard are closed.

Successful withdrawal daily when there are enough free/ available funds.

  • Liquidation definition (Futures trading)

The whole service is liquidated without any funds left to release.

New accounting allows the service to keep some funds separate. A liquidation could affect a percentage of the services trading account.

  • High Watermark

HWM is the highest investment amount during the time you're connected to the service.

It is the minimum amount of investment in the previous 3 days. If it is higher than the previous HWM, it will be the new HWM.

  • Reinvest / Withdraw Profits

The system only allows you to reinvest or withdraw 100% of your profits.

You can reinvest or withdraw from 0% to 100% of your profits.

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